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Common Good Democracy™ - Overview

Innovative direct democratic control is at the heart of the Common Good Bank design. In each Community Division, depositors direct the bank's investment priorities, contributions of the bank's profits, and local grants and loans of created money for the greater good of all. Economic democracy is crucial to economic justice and sustainability.

true democratic control

The Common Good Bank's Common Good Democracy™ is a hands-on 100% democracy (every voice counts) suitable even for large diverse groups -- a blend of liquid democracy, Condorcet, instant runoff, approval voting, internet voting, town meeting style discussions and a spirit of consensus. Common Good Democracy has distinct advantages over each of those components alone.

Highlights (follow the links for details)

  • You can vote directly on any issue, or let your personal Representative vote for you (voting by proxy).
  • All family members get a vote. Underage voters vote by proxy.
  • Voters discuss issues at public "threshing" sessions and on the internet.
  • Voting begins on a certain day each week.
  • You may change your vote any time before the voting ends, a week later.
  • You can vote in person or on the internet.
  • Issues are presented as multiple-choice questions (or a penny vote, for budget-type issues). You grade all the options that are acceptable to you (A, B, C, D, E) or VETO any option that is completely unacceptable.
  • The most preferred option wins. However, if the winning option is vetoed by 5% or more of the voters, then those voters are given a second opportunity to voice their objections and the issue will be reconsidered and potentially revoted, with new understanding and new options. Meanwhile, the decision stands.
  • Leadership and the workplace have their own democratic structures as well.

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