a social mission with a bank


$orgNAME™ creates democratic, community-based economic solutions for sustainability, economic justice, and the good of all. Without democratic economics, communities are at the mercy of big business and distant government. We need a way to plan and invest locally, for thriving local economies and a sustainable future.

We envision a society in which communities everywhere gather to decide for themselves what their funding priorities should be — for sustainable agriculture and energy systems, for local self-reliance, for ensuring that everyone has enough to eat, a home, and satisfying work. A Common Good Economy.


So we designed $THING™ as the framework for a community-based democratic economic system that can also compete effectively within the current economic system. This design combines the spirit of a credit union with the power and growth potential of a stock savings bank.

Any geographic community can have its own democratically-guided virtual bank, simply as a cooperative depositor group within Common Good Bank. Deposits, investments, and profits will be tracked separately for each community. All profits from the community's investments will go to schools and other nonprofits as decided by the members.

It's our community. It's our bank. It's our future. Real democracy. Real money. Real power.



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