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CGB™ Business Plan

Business Plan: [PDF]
Financial Appendices: [PDF] [XLS]

NOTE: The Common Good Bank design has evolved as a system of four new organizations collaborating with local businesses and community organizations. The BANK proper is just one of those four components and this business plan is for that component only. This business plan constitutes the core of our charter application. For details about the project overall, see the Project Development page.

As Common Good Bank Members, WE own the bank. We decide together what our bank should invest in locally and how the profits will be distributed for the good of all.

What should our bank invest in?
  • Local agriculture and small business?
  • Education?
  • Renewable energy?
  • Cooperative healthcare?
What should the profits be spent on?
  • The arts and sciences?
  • Social services?
  • Environmental protection?
  • Disaster relief?

It's our bank. We decide.
Real democracy. Real money. Real power.

as a Founding Member/Owner

We plan to open with 3,000 - 5,000 Founding Members, making it possible to open Community Divisions ANYWHERE, almost immediately. Help make it happen. Join us as a Founding Member!

How Is This Business Plan Different

Most banks are started by a small group of investors who come up with the required several million dollars in capital. Then, when the bank is successful, those investors get all the profits.

Common Good Bank will be started from the grassroots by many individuals and organizations. Founding Members contribute to all three stages of startup financing: with a donation, a loan, and a stock purchase (once the bank has a charter).

As a Member/Owner you will not get rich by owning the bank. Shares have a planned appreciation rate equal to the true rate of inflation, which has averaged about 6% over the past 30 years. Dividends will go into a Community Fund, to be granted to schools and other nonprofits at the direction of the Members.

Common Good Bank will succeed precisely because of its dedication to the common good. The Common Good Bank business plan is by philosophy a work in progress, here for all to see. So far, well over a hundred of us are working together on this project, for the good of all. We welcome your comments and suggestions.